The next meet-up will be on Thursday 9 March 2017, 6 – 9pm. All welcome. You can register here.

Niccolò Caranti: 'Europe'

Niccolò Caranti: ‘Europe’; source

We’re excited to be based in the new Dogpatch Labs location in the CHQ Building, Custom House Quay.

Together with our counterparts in the Netherlands, France, Poland and Romania, we have been exploring how future meet-ups could be simultaneously both physical and virtual, with coders joining in across Europe on projects of common interest that will be agreed and prioritised at a new European Round Table where all interested ‘Code for’ countries will be represented. We are very keen on this idea – it will bring instant scalability, a lot more expertise and experience to the table, and the knowledge that the projects are important enough to go global; well, at least European to start with.

Also in response to feedback, we want to change the dynamic at Code for Ireland meet-ups. Coding and other project work will start from the beginning of the meet-up, in virtual conjunction with other coders abroad meeting physically simultaneously, but in a pan-European fashion. The quick summary of progress by and of each project will be presented at the end of the meet-up.

We need your help in preparing for these changes. Our next meet-up is on 9 March at 6pm at dogpatch. We’ll intro the new approach, and another Code for Europe member, Milo van der Linden, will attend.  This will be an essential get-together to decide how to proceed at a European level. We need to get more people involved with the planning, implementation, newsletter, etc. We want also to talk about which projects we will bring to the European level for actual coding. And we want to push the understanding that projects can proceed very effectively between meet-ups, particularly if they’re going to be across borders.

We hope you’re interested, excited even. Please register here. And if you have suggestions, wish to offer support, and so on, please feel free to e-mail us beforehand.

dogpatch’s amazing new ‘roof garden’ space, where the meet-up will be held
Code for Ireland: Project pitch, dogpatch labs, April 2016
Project pitch, dogpatch labs, April 2016
Code for Ireland: What
What’s in your Water? group at dogpatch labs, April 2016
Code for Ireland: Collaborations group, dogpatch labs, April 2016
Collaborations group, dogpatch labs, April 2016

We have had a series of events since the initial meetup at the end of November 2013. Attendees take active part in discussions, break into groups to brainstorm ideas and even start coding development there and then! Development activity takes place both at and between events. The scheduled events give you the opportunity to see what is going on, meet like-minded volunteers and get involved in whatever area you are interested in. We expect to continue regular events in Dublin. Given the positive engagement and participation we have had so far, we hope to establish chapters outside Dublin in the future. Notice of events are posted on this website. Be a frequent visitor!

First steps

We began with our first meeting in November 2013 in Facebook HQ in Grand Canal Plaza Dublin. The event was really well attended and the attendees even managed to decide on three Apps to initially develop, before they dived into lashings of Pizza supplied by sponsors

Growing up! – The Official Launch

Ciaran Cannon T.D., Minister of State for Training and Skills gave a keynote speech at the official launch of Code4Ireland at Dublin Castle on 16 January 2014. Code for Ireland co-founders Dominic Byrne and Ciaran Gilsenan opened the event and the 300+ attendees, containing many high profile individuals, were treated to presentations from Dr Jonathan Reichental and Catherine Bracy from Code for America, both of whom travelled from the USA especially for the event.

Code for Ireland: Pizza and beer, Google, 30 April 2015
Pizza and beer, Google, 30 April 2015