This is what we are all about! Building apps and / or websites to solve community problems and improve society.

We are focusing on general categories of Community and Public Services. This includes, but is not limited to, healthcare, security / safety, education, funding, economic development, democracy.

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Transparent Water

Water quality is a key issue for citizens. There has been a major investment by Irish Water. A large sampling regime is in place and a lot of data is available going back several years. The data is currently presented on Irish Water website in tabular format. This can be hard for people to access and understand.



The marriage referendum prompted me to look at how to get married in Ireland. The administration and bureaucracy is crazy! It is administered by the HSE, and there is a lot of information online it is very hard to decipher.


Dearest Ireland

Dearest Ireland is a place where letters to the future of Ireland are collected, published and shared with the world – a vision for the future in the context of commemorating the events of 1916.

Dearest Ireland is inspired by the Dearest Scotland project. Dearest Scotland was created as a bottom-up response to the Scottish Independence debate. The letters collected were exhibited in the Scottish Parliament and published in a book. The Dearest Scotland framework has been made available by the organisers for re-use in other countries and a Dearest India project has also been created.



Citizens are responding to the city’s needs faster and more effectively than ever. By self-organizing and co-creating innovative solutions they tackle problems arising in the urban environment.

The problem we often encounter that there is a lack of information, lack of transparency and lack of knowledge sharing among existing groups in Dublin.

Collaborations intends to enhance collaboration and creative innovation in Dublin City. We are looking to connect existing projects and communities with interested citizens by creating a platform to showcase their work and an online space to help managing community organization.


Falls & Fracture Prevention Self-Assessment Tool

  • The aim of the app is for a person to self-assess their risk factors for falling and fracturing.
  • On completion of the self-assessment an email could be sent to their GP (and/or a link sent to the local hospital) to prompt follow up investigations and/or treatment


Visit The Rothar App!

Mobile application for recovery of stolen bicycles

Problem to be solved

  • Lots of bikes get stolen in Dublin (and elsewhere)
  • Hard to track down and recover stolen bikes
  • GPS tracking solutions are expensive
  • RFID/barcode solutions are short distance
  • Commercial solutions tend to be proprietary
  • Bike databases are not linked to physical bikes
  • Gardaí can’t support / promote commercial solutions
queuing myq thumbnail

My Q

What: Show your waiting time in a queue

The goal of this app to minimize queuing time in local authority / government offices.


Save a Selfie

Get the iPhone or Android app – visit Save a Selfie!

What: Locator for nearest defibrillator to an incident.

The goal of this civic app is to identify where all defibrillators are located in Dublin, then extend this outward to cover all of Ireland.

TLBoxes small

Traffic Signal Boxes Stage 2

This Project seeks to solve an ongoing maintenance issue due to tagging, graffiti and stickering of traffic light boxes and the ongoing need to repaint with associated costs.

Code for Ireland helped with an initial website; the live Stage 2 website was developed independently by David Murtagh, here: